• Flower List 2016
  • NOTE: This is just a copy of the flower list in the vestibule and therefore may not be up to date. The 2015 flower list is displayed in the vestibule. Please include Name and Tel. No. All queries to Naomi Rice (Tel; 92612352) or nrice@btinternet.com .
  • 4rd Jan
    Leslie Walsh
    3rd July
    Gertie Jamison
    10th Jan
    10th July
    Isabel Heron
    17th Jan
    17th July
    Sharon Curran
    24th Jan
    24th July
    Helen Cantley
    31st Jan
    31st July
    7th Feb
    Alexis Kirk
    7th August
    14th Feb
    Naomi Rice
    14th August
    Edwi Henderson
    21nd Feb
    21st August
    Joan Massey
    28th February
    28th August
    6th March
    4th September
    Elonor Taggart
    13th March
    11th September
    20th March
    18th September
    Paula Hall
    27th March
    25th September
    3rd April
    2nd October
    10th April
    Diana Quigg
    9th October
    17th April
    16th October
    24th April
    Helen Scott
    23th October
    John Garvin
    1st May
    30th Ocetober
    Essie Nelson
    8th May
    6th November
    G Jamison
    15th May
    13th November
    Naomi Rice
    22nd May
    Alexis Kirk
    20th November
    29th May
    27th November
    Helen Cantley
    5th June
    N Rice
    4th December
    Anne Gilpin
    12th June
    11th December
    Janice Cantley
    19th June
    Dorothy Cantley
    18th December
    Lexie Walsh
    26th June
    25th December
    A Kirk